Funny Videos [11 to 20]

Video 1 : Crazy Things Couples Do While Watching TV

Watching a TV Series or Movie of your partner's choice is really a big challenge. Even though absolutely not interested Nona was somehow watching it. Lets see how Bebo makes his life a living hell..
Video 2 : Crazy Ways Couples Talk To Each Other

She will always talk to you when:
1. Either you can't hear her at all.
2. Or she can't potentially talk.
Video 3 : Crazy Things Couples Do When They Are Lazy

Have a look at what happens when laziness gets into a relationship.
Video 4 : Crazy Things Couples Do Before and After Marriage

They say all marriages are made in heaven, but so are thunder and lightning. It's so weird, it's like a license that gives a person the legal right to control their spouse/their'other half.
Video 5 : Crazy Couple Going Out For Shopping

Yeh Zaroori Nahi Ki Har Rishta Khoon Ka Ho,
Kuch Rishte Khoon Chusne Ke Liye Bhi Hote Hain...
Jaise 'Pati-Patni' Ka Rishta.