Funny Videos [01 to 10]

Video 1 : Crazy Things Couples Do While Waiting For Each Other

Worst thing in this world is to wait for someone. Lets see how they handle it. Please subscribe, comment and share if you have gone through a similar situation in your married life. Thanks for watching.
Video 2 : Crazy Things Couples Do On The Breakfast Table

Breakfast table is a very good venue for a couple to discuss what’s going on in their lives. Discussions generally starts with lots of amazing talks and events but slowly it warms up and finally it ends up in crazy arguments. Let’s see if they can sit down and have breakfast nicely and quietly...
Video 3 : Women vs GPS

Getting directions from both GPS and your Mrs/Girlfriend at the same time is not a new thing in this world. If the GPS tells you go left she will tell you to go right. In this video we are trying to show how frustrating it becomes when you are driving on the road. Watch where they take him up to.
Video 4 : The Story Of The Carpet

If you walk on the carpet with your shoes "on" - buddy, you are dead. But, its ok for her to cut her nails on the same carpet.
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Video 5 : Wanna Go To The Gym With Me

Asking her to go to the "gym" is an easy catalyst to start a fight and to ruin your entire day.
Video 6 : Real Ice Bucket Challenge

Who the hell cares about waking up in the morning on Saturday's and Sunday's. Watch and decide..
This is something that happens everyday in a married relationship.
Video 7 : Accidents always happen in a married relationship

This video focuses on few funny situations that happens in a married relationship.. Firstly couples always fight for getting into the toilet in the morning. Secondly couples never want to disappoint each other at any situation, but you know what accidents happens. And finally I will let you decide whether drinking is good for a married man or not.
Video 8 : Biggest Crime In A Relationship Is To Forget Her Date of Birth

Biggest crime in a relationship is to forget her age, birthday, marriage date, date when we met for the first time etc, etc and the list goes on and on and on... Thanks Chris for helping us out in this video...
I Bet, this is something that happens everyday in a married relationship.
Video 9 : Caught Red Handed Watching Kim K's Butt

When she caught me watching Kim K's bubble butt in the middle of a serious conversation.
Video 10 : Sad story of a married man

Women will never understand a man. This is something that happens everyday in a married relationship. Subscribe and give us some more awesome ideas.